PureTaboo – Laney Grey – Healthy Relationships


Robert (Chad Alva) is a youth counselor from a local non-profit organization. He is meeting with a teen couple, Chris (Ricky Spanish) and Terri (Laney Grey), to talk about healthy relationships. Chris talks about a strain on their relationship due to Terri being hesitant about sex. Robert tries to give advice by talking about the importance of good communication and avoiding toxic behaviors, but Chris asks to speak with Robert privately for a moment, claiming it’s about ‘a guy thing’.

Once they’re alone, Chris gets angry at Robert, telling him to stop taking so long. As they continue talking, it is revealed that Chris will leverage his influential parent’s power to help the non-profit organization IF Robert continues with an agreed-upon plan aimed at convincing Terri to have sex with Chris.

Robert is conflicted but ultimately agrees to go along with the plan, advising Terri that maybe it IS time for her to try having sex with Chris. Robert then guides the teen couple through a sexual encounter… before being goaded into joining in as well.

Date: July 10, 2024
Actors: Laney Grey

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