TeamSkeetVIP – Scarlett Rose – My First Time: The Virgin Diaries


Scarlett is a curious babe with a lot to learn, and more than anything, she wants to learn about sex and her body. As she’s become an adult, her curiosity has taken hold, and she can’t help but think naughty thoughts. Still, she’s a virgin with no experience, and she wouldn’t even know where to begin. That being said, there is a first time for everything, and Scarlett’s first time comes when she takes a leap of faith and helps Father Mason with an art project. The horny priest knows he shouldn’t be messing around with girls – especially not Scarlett, who he’s known forever. Seeing her all grown up, Father Mason can’t help but feel lust for the busty, innocent girl. Scarlett feels Father Mason’s eyes on her, and although she knows it’s wrong, she loves being desired, and she can feel herself getting more curious and horny. Father Mason makes his move, and Scarlett lets him have her. She’s nervous, as she’s never done this before. He eases her into it but shows her how a real man should fuck a woman. Their dirty fling is wrong but so exciting and kinky. Father Mason pumps Scarlett’s pussy with every inch of his cock, and he can feel himself getting close to climax. Scarlett gets on her knees, and Father Mason busts hard, coating the innocent girl with a sticky mess. She’s thrilled and can’t wait to try something new again soon.

Date: July 4, 2024
Actors: Scarlett Rose

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