NuruMassage – River Lynn – Family Practice


Clarke Kent is relaxing at his home when he hears his stepdaughter River Lynn call to him from the living room. Oh dear… what does she want NOW? Clarke sighs and makes his way over, only to be stunned when he notices a large, inflatable massage mattress in the middle of the floor. What’s all THIS about?

River explains that she’s been taking massage lessons to boost her sports medicine degree, and she’s got some new and exciting techniques she wants to test out on Clarke. Specifically, she’d like to give Clarke a NURU massage… something she’s certain he’ll enjoy very much.

Clarke’s a little bit hesitant about the idea, especially since it seems like something inappropriate for a stepdad to do with his stepdaughter. But River is persistent, so Clarke eventually relents, taking off his clothes and lying down on the mattress. As the massage gets underway, however, Clarke is soon swept away by forbidden pleasures, much to the glee of his naughty stepdaughter…

Date: July 2, 2024
Actors: River Lynn

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