CaughtFapping – Liz Jordan – Finish What I Started


Liz Jordan is pleasuring herself in the living room, stroking her pussy over her panties and taking out her breasts so she can squeeze them and pinch her nipples. As she pulls her panties aside so she can touch herself even more, a man, Robby Apples, enters the house without her noticing.

Robby is shocked but also enticed by the sight of Liz masturbating, and quietly spies on her as she remains unaware of his presence. But when he accidentally makes a sound, Liz is startled and asks him who he is. Robby sheepishly explains that he’s a friend of Liz’s parent. He came to get back some stuff that Liz’s parent borrowed, and he was told that he could just let himself in.

Now that the shock has worn off, Liz is still feeling horny, so she seductively suggests that Robby can help her finish what she started. Robby is surprised but also eager… as long as Liz promises not to tell her parent about this, of course!

Date: July 2, 2024
Actors: Liz Jordan

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