HotMILFsFuck – Alex – More Anal Please


Boy do we have a live one for everyone today. Meet self-titled cougar Alex who’s admittedly come full circle with her age gap fetish. You see this Milf lost her virginity at the young tender age of 17 to her then 30 year old boyfriend and admitted when she was young to always have been into older men. I think they call that having Daddy Issues and these girl’s are always fun in bed, and now is her more mature days miss cougar Alex has a certain taste and love for younger men in their twenties as she’s ripened into the sex pot she that’s spread before us. Why not right, and today she’s here to explore more of her newly discovered anal fetish and don’t tempt Tyler Nixon with a good time because who doesn’t love sticking their hard cocks up a hot woman’s asshole. I most certainly do, and after the usual get to know each other and a bit of chit chat to figure out what kinks and things gets this cougar purring, the clothes come off and it’s off to the races for our stud Tyler because you can’t keep this wild beast caged. Damn if this woman can’t fuck and just look below at the number of orgasms to confirm this. So with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers.

Date: June 24, 2024
Actors: Alex

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