Shoplyfter – Aria Banks – Case No. 7906299 – Caught on a Dare


Aria thinks she can get away with stealing, but loss prevention officer Billy says otherwise. When Aria steals sex toys as part of a sorority dare, Billy brings her to the store’s back office for interrogation. Billy knows what kind of girl Aria is and knows all about her sorority. The girls want to see how slutty Aria is and how far she’s willing to go to join their ranks. Billy is excited because, at this point, he knows he will get to play around with Aria and enjoy her body all to himself.

Aria is mortified, and she isn’t the type of girl who likes to sleep around with strangers. But now, with no other choice, she must prove her loyalty to her sorority sisters and get out of trouble. Aria lies on the desk and uses the stolen dildo to pleasure her pussy, shoving it deep inside of her and letting her juices run down her asscheeks. Billy slides his cock inside her dripping wet pussy and fucks her hard. He wants to see if she can be as slutty as the girls back home want her to be. When he can’t hold his load in any longer, Billy nuts and coats Aria’s sweet face. She promises never to steal again and makes her exit, cum dripping down her chin.

Date: June 16, 2024
Actors: Aria Banks

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