BlacksOnBlondes – Jill Taylor Rides Her Way Out of the Friendzone


Nobody wants to get in the friendzone. We’ve all been there. You start hanging with some girl and you don’t tap that pussy the first night you just might end up being ‘friends’. Spending platonic days bonding and chatting it up. Well, Jill Taylor is really tired of being in the friendzone and wants some Chocolate God love. She wants and needs it so bad she takes the drastic step of sexting him a naked butt shot. Now it’s game on as she confronts him that she needs some cock. Holy Fuck is he packing! When he unearths a massive trouser snake baking in his underwear she tries her darndest to shove it all down her throat…

Her tight little pussy is dripping and needing a good thumping. Sliding into her he knows he has left the ‘friendzone’ and is deep in some serious wet pussy. Her spoke wheel is all a twitter as her rectum puckers in anticipation of the giant phallus that is about to bust her wide open. Sliding in is a tight undertaking but soon pays it’s rewards as he humps her with a mojo that is setting her little clit synapses a popping. Jill is orgasming hard and long as she rides that giant man stick for all she is worth. Damn it feels good to be out of the ‘friendzone’ and into the ‘anal zone’.

Date: June 16, 2024
Actors: Jill Taylor

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