BBCSurprise – Luna – Nothing’s Topping This


Today’s newbie Luna is taking her first BBC on camera and it’s just what the doctor ordered again. More Orgasms and count them NINETEEN! Tthat’s a 1 followed by a 9 and Luna’s into aggressive and rough sex which Dr. Isiah Maxwell expertly administered with his long and hard black syringe. It’s the biggest and longest syringe Luna’s ever seen and once he stuck it in her he found out just how much he loved her because he came three times. Now number 2 I suppose technically isn’t a massive and very reliable Isiah Maxwell load but at (1:09:51) as these two love birds transitioned into side spoon you can see cum dripping out and drops are visibly shown on her leg and a squirt of cum goes onto her pussy lips…

Hot, but the first load was the most unexpected and at (23:44) as Luna road Isiah’s massively thick black horse meat of a surgical syringe in standing position he lifts her up and this time his shot all over her ass and it even dripped down onto the floor. Watch out white cock director Rocky!!! who was on the floor filming the fun and this was exactly what she needed. Black cock’s always the cure to what’s ailing ya. You’re welcome Luna and if you want to see her lick her first ever pussy it’s over at our sister site with the Matrix savior Trinity. We exploited her softer side over there and over at ExCoGi for her first sex on camera. So once again we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the exploits and until next weeks update cheers. It’s a jungle out there so be safe. Steve

Date: June 16, 2024
Actors: Luna

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