TheRealWorkout – Xochi Moon – Wrestling Buddies


Xochi has a big crush on her stepbrother, Donnie. He’s been wrestling for a long time, and his dedication to the sport rubs off on Xochi (not to mention it turns her on immensely). Xochi wants to take advantage of some private lessons with Donnie, where she’ll really learn everything about wrestling. The two go at it, and it isn’t long before Donnie becomes as hard as a rock. After all, his stepsister is smoking hot. She’s everything you want in a cute and slutty stepsis and then some.

Xochi notices Donnie’s bulge and wants a close peak, so she proposes they wrestle naked. Donnie knows it’s risky business messing around with his stepsister like this. It’s not necessarily orthodox to wrestle your naked stepsis, but when the fuck is Donnie going to get a chance like this again? The two strip naked and go at it. Xochi quickly finds herself enamored by Donnie’s cock. She can’t help but slip it in her mouth to get a taste. Donnie follows her lead and eats her pussy. The two have a massive built-up sexual tension between them that is coming to its peak, and they’re both beyond excited to finally fuck. Donnie fills his stepsister’s pussy up with every inch of his throbbing cock, making sure to go in as deep as he can. He wants her to quiver with delight and treat Xochi with love that can only come from a stepbrother. After fucking her for as long as he can last, he shoots his load and gives Xochi a creamy load to savor and enjoy.

Date: June 10, 2024
Actors: Xochi Moon

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